terça-feira, 29 de julho de 2014

Terrorism – Christ is the solution

     (by John, the apprentice of life)

The bigger questioning of the last days is how to end up the terrorism, this cancer that destroys the Humanity. Debates and more debates are provided to understand how to deal with this enemy without face, without motherland, without address, without love to his own life, where the religious fanaticism or ideological overthrow his own basic survival instinct.
            And more unfortunate is that hate causes more hate, violence causes more violence, in a continuous tragedies, where innocents are sacrificed without any results.
            Thus we conclude that there is a solution which still has not been experienced, however it is part of the most occidental people: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The occidental potencies, however being Christian, are not able to see that the solution to end up the hostilities is simple and is graved for almost two thousand years in their books where they keep in their homes, temples and even under their arms. All that Christ taught us wasn’t to be only in the religious theory, but is to be used in our daily lives. And today, we are called to testify our faith, in a way to test what Christ has said: “Love your enemy and be good to those who hate you and pray to those who chase and slander you; because if you love only those who love you, what is the reward you have with that?”  “Reward the bad with the goodness”, in other words, forgive our enemy. In order to invert the hate, only love softens, erases. Only love has the same force as the hate, because they are the same facets of the coin.
            Everybody is sensitive to love, even those who are not Christian.
            The USA are extremely democratic, and all that was done by the American government until now to hold back the spread of terrorism in the world was done by its people approval, so religious so conscious of Christ doctrine, but so forgetful in practice of his precious lessons. It’s necessary to change the strategy: break up the pride and place Christ in our attitudes. We should see our terrorist enemy as human beings deceived by his leaders, with hate infiltrated in their harts, born to be programmed to kill or die in the name of their fanaticism. They are dignified of compassion!
            The solution which has not been tried, however could result in a global effect totally unexpected, is that in reward of so many lives destroyed in the name of the terror, give to the people of the countries which support the terrorism, economical and social benefits in order to extirpate the hungry, the diseases  and poorness, as it was done in Japan and Germany after the Second World War. Instead of sending soldiers to these suspicious countries for repression of these people, send doctors, nurses, medicines, engineers, besides teachers to alphabetize the children in their own mother languages.
            This unusual attitude (“sui generis”) from the part of whom that has suffered an aggression, would be a way to pull down the “backbone” of those who carry out the terrorism. Thus, the terrorism supporters would lose their arguments and would have its support basis weakened, as their people would realize that what used to represent the “Evil”, is in true, the way to a Peaceful Life, Health and Evolution.  What it is proposed here is not to change the religion, nor the culture of these people, but apply with them the golden rule taught by Christ: “Do to others what you would like to be done to you yourself”. Christ as a solution would demolish the belief of these people who support the terror that the United States is a country of pride, selfish and explorer people.
            As would say San Francisco:  “to the darkness, only light; to the hate, only love; to the pride, only humility; to the revenge, the compassion”.
            As they already tried all ways known to hold up the terrorism, and all of them only resulted in more fuel to feed the “terror fire” , why not to try, the simplicity of Christ doctrine, infinitely cheaper than the expense to manufacture and develop weapon?
            Finally, if the nations that consider themselves Christian follow truly in practice what Christ has said, today the world would be living in a Paradise. Let’s celebrate, so that the occidental people seemingly Christian can really honor the name of Christ! Celebrate all !


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